Professor Paul Alewood

Professor of Chemical and Structural Biology
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
The University of Queensland
Brisbane 4072. Australia
Phone: 61 7 3346 2982 
Fax: 61 7 3346 2090


Paul Alewood is currently Professor of Chemistry and Structural Biology and the past Head of the Division of Chemistry and Structural Biology in the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at the University of Queensland. He was formerly Associate Professor in the Centre for Drug Design and Development (UQ), Assistant Professor of Peptide Chemistry at Bond University and Lecturer at the Victorian College of Pharmacy. 

Professor Alewood has an international reputation in the field of bioactive peptides and synthetic proteins and is the author of over 300 publications in high quality journals. He is also an inventor on 10 patents. He has been a prime mover in establishing the Melbourne-based peptide company, Auspep, and Xenome, a spin-off biopharmaceutical company from the University of Queensland. More recently, he was a foundation scientist in Betabiotics, a joint venture company between the IMB and CSIRO and the founder of Elacor, a joint venture between the University of Queensland and the Baker Heart Research Institute, Victoria.

His principal research areas are in the fields of peptide, protein and medicinal chemistry. These include the development of the chemical synthesis of proteins, and the design and synthesis of bioactive peptides, peptidomimetics and the discovery of novel cysteine rich frameworks using venomics strategies. Current research targets involve peptide toxins targeting ion channels, transporters and GPCRs, inflammatory proteins, growth factor regulators and oxytocin agonists.


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  • Dr Aihua Jin (Jean)
  • Dr Patrick Wilhelm
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  • Zoltan Dekan
  • Ngari Teakle

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  • Rebekah Ziegman
  • Nayara Braga Emidio
  • Helen Mendel
  • Anke Hering
  • Beverly Xue Er Jieu
  • Chiharu Hettiarachchi Kankanamalage
  • Thi Ngoc Hue Tran
  • Marco Enriquez Martinez
  • David Lee
  • Cristina Sanchez de la Rosa
  • My Tran Hoai


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